Jan 1, 2012

A Happy New Year

I sent New Year's cards to my relatives and friends through a "real" postal service. They may have arrived at each "real" mailbox, by now.

People, who send New Year's card, are reducing year by year in Japan. They send New Year's messages through the Internet. I don't know if I'll send "real" New Year's cards next year.

New Year's cards were a new trend about a hundred years ago in Japan. Before that, people called on each other around New Year. People had "real" meetings, and then they sent "real" postal cards to each other. Now we communicate through "virtual" media.

I found so many colorful cards (which weren't good taste) in supermarkets and bookstores in the U.S. I think that they really like to send cards to each other. I wonder if people, who send Christmas cards through a postal service, are reducing in the U.S.

This is a year of the Dragon, so the figure of a dragon is printed on my New Year's cards.

This is "門松Kado-Matsu" at the entrance of the office. "Kado" means "gate" and "Matsu" means "pine tree". We decorate the gate or entrance of our homes with Kado-Matsu over the New Year period.

My house doesn't have a gate.

Last year so many things happened in Japan. I really hope you will have a very good year from the heart.

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