Aug 25, 2011

I love suffering from insomnia!

I've been suffering from insomnia for many years, so I take a sleeping pill before I go to bed. I can get to sleep with a sleeping pill, but I wake up very early in the morning, at four or five o’clock.

But insomnia isn't always bad.

I love the early morning hours. It's a completely silent time without anyone else around. I turn on my computer and write a journal on my weblogs. I enjoy this precious time by myself.

Last week I took a trip to New York and Washington D.C. I can control the time when I fall asleep. Whenever I don't take a sleeping pill, I can't get to sleep. If I take a sleeping pill, I can sleep. So I don't suffer from jet lag, because of my insomnia.

I always bring a small notebook and when I get an idea to write on my weblogs, I write it down as soon as possible. When I write one of the ideas as a journal, I cross it out. On my trip to the US my notebook was filled up with new ideas.

I have a lot of things that I want to write now, and these ideas have a best before date on writing.. But recently for some reason I'm sleepy in the morning and I can't wake up early in the morning. Is it jet lag? Anyway I don't have enough time to write new journals, because I sleep during my precious time.

Why am I sleepy? I love suffering from insomnia!


  1. So how long did your sleepiness continue and when was your beloved insomnia restored? ^^

    I can't sleep when the sun is shining. It doesn't matter how tired I am, when I fell asleep or at what time the sun rises ... when it gets light, I wake up.

  2. PS: Your notes are bilingual! ^^

  3. Good morning! You are natural and healthy.

  4. And he responds at 5 am again!

    A very, very long time ago I worked a night shift at a newspaper. I used to arrive home at 3 am, usually fairly hyped up (deadline pressure, too much coffee, general newspaper craziness), so I could never fall asleep immediately. Then sunrise would arrive, and I would want to hit the beach or the mountains or the streets of Cape Town. I think I never slept for a whole year! :D

    PS: Enjoy today's holiday! Maybe get extra sleep? ^^

  5. It's really cold today in Tokyo, so I'm enjoying spending time in my warm bed all day long!


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